Sunday, November 18

Party people!

Hello. you guys what new? Me hope you guys is in inside condition good. And me hope you guys not have problem with you guys' eyes. Because what you guys going read is a bit dizzy because me direct translate only. You know I, me english very bad isn't? oh and me hope don't angry for I bad English. Since I get out from school, I stop speak english because difficult really very. But today I talk little.

image from google for takoyaki

image from google for okonomiyaki

     Today, this morning, I stand up at 10 morning because at 11 morning we have okonomiyaki and takoyaki party at I-House which usually attended by foreigner student who lives in the I-House. But I want to test drive my bicycle I bought new one. Very fast I tell you. I ride about 3.4 km to Kita Urawa, I want go to AEON to round round inside.

     I surprise when see my hand clock it's already 11 morning. My friend ask me where me. I tell them I at out. I will be back 10 minutes. I drive to home and straight go to I-House meeting room. I met many people from different countries. But I talk more with Japanese people. Sometimes I make the takoyaki myself. Me also eat it and it's crazy delicious. It's a great party though.

Okay Khir, sila stop sebelum orang gugur banyak rambut.

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  1. Hahahaha, I watch ur post and it is very funny to watch.